Regulatory Compliance.
Ease of Use.
Low Operational Costs.

The Revolution Series provides a set of significant, innovative features that help your biorepository operate at a higher level of security and regulatory compliance. Ease of use and low operational costs make Revolution a great choice!

Revolution Core Features

  • Configurable text and email notifications / web access
  • Limited battery backup, gas bypass
  • Operation at -190C Vapor phase with extended hold 360°
  • LED internal light Built in extraction fan to clear fog
  • Dual, redundant level measurement system
  • Coordinated and/or timed filling
  • Hinged, auto-locking lid with access control
  • Stabilized carousel with top and bottom bearings
  • Drilled manifold and direct plumbing connections
  • Fold-down full-sized step (300 series) and two-steps (400 & 600 series)
Revolution+ 2_24 Front_web

Hinged, Solenoid-Based
Locking Lid


Fog Exhaust Fan
& LED Light

Large, Intuitive
Touch Screen

Dual, Redundant
Level Sensing

Stable Carousel with
Top & Bottom Bearings.

Revolution +

Revolution+ allows you to add up to four powerful features, which lets you customize each freezer based on your operation’s specific requirements.


Revolution + Options

  • Radiance Cooling system facilitates precision temperature controlled operation
  • RFID badge user access
  • Motorized tray with sample access management & individual rack location learning
  • External communications package
Revo Top View for Web
Revolution_Radiance Cutaway 2_24

Radiance Cooling Technology Operation Mode

IC Biomedical has created the world’s first radiance-cooled liquid nitrogen-based storage system. Operating Revolution+ in Radiance Mode means the freezer temperature is controlled with no liquid in the reservoir. Radiance atomization technology utilizes the vaporization of microscopic nitrogen droplets to cool the freezer dynamically. If you want to control on level, Radiance serves as a secondary system to assure the set point temperature is never exceeded.

The patemt-pending Radiance+ LN2 atomization system uses directional nozzles to precisely manage internal sample chamber temperature below set point during both static storage and sample storage/ retrieval actions.

  •  The radiance temperature management system enables the freezer to operate at any specific temperature between -20 and -196
  • IC Biomedical’s patent-pending atomization technology utilizes the vaporization of microscopic nitrogen droplets to cool the freezer dynamically to the chosen temperature
  • AI driven dynamic algorithms learn user behavior to anticipate and finely control temperature within the system, including automatic compensation for addition of warm material and long term lid open operation
  • With a motorized system, the tray rotation function is used to promote consistent convection within the sample space yielding a very tight point to point temperature gradient with significantly less variation than either mechanical compressor systems or other sacrificial refrigerant based environments
  • Low maintenance, low energy system with significantly lower running costs than all available alternatives

Motor Driven Sample Tray

  • The motor drive, when added to the Revolution system, facilitates the turning of the sample tray in a fully hands free operational mode.
  • In conjunction with individual user profiles, the motor drive enables the system administrator to restrict access to specific locations within the freezer such as specific quadrants or racks
  • A rack learning AI enables the system to learn the position of specific racks. These racks can be selected with the freezer closed and the tray will be turned to the required position for easy identification (within the illuminated sample space) and ergonomic, error free removal
  • Individual rack location learning
Revo Motor Option Circle
Revo Badge Option Circle

RFID User Identification

Revolution+ users can be issued an individual RFID badge to avoid having to manually log in to the system each time so provide added convenience while maintaining higher sample security.

The RFID login identifies the user and their associated permissions, unlocks the freezer lid and begins activity audit tracking associated with the login

Enhanced External Communications Gateway

  • Provides the ability for the freezer system to connect to networks and deliver text / email status or alarm notifications to users. Notifications are configurable.
  • Network connectivity allows the freezer to connect with internal or external networks for data collection and custom subscriptions to the ICB cloud data services and mobile app.
Revo Comms Option Circle

Why Choose the Revolution Series?

Touchscreen 2


Control systems are a fundamental building block of freezer functionality and the facilitation of compliance. The control unit has been designed to provide a simple, intuitive interface with an extremely robust, redundant control platform featuring state-of-the-art connectivity and simple user interaction.

  • Large, touchscreen user panel
  • Industrial PLC controller providing robust control platform
  • Level- or temperature-based control as standard • User management and audit-trail functions
Sample Handling


  • Optional Radiant temperature management utilizes internal directed nozzles to manage internal sample chamber temperature below set point during both static storage and sample storage and retrieval actions
  • Revolution can be used as a temperature setpoint unit with no liquid nitrogen reservoir, operating at any temperature between -20° and -150°C with setpoint accuracy determined by the user
Secure Login


  • Each control unit can operate as a web server allowing for external access to all operational functions remotely, as required by the administrator
  • External messaging via SMS, text or email is available. Wired Modbus interface is available
  • Automated alarm notification via SMS or email
Sample Access


  • An automatic defogging fan activates when the lid is opened. This clears the area for a quick, easy view of the samples quadrants.
  • Built in LED lights provide better vision of samples
  • Optional motor-driven carousel brings the sample quadrant under the opening. This reduces the amount of time the freezer is open for retrieval and storage functions
Level Management


Guards against level control issues.



  • Limiting, and more importantly, recording access to the sample space is a key requirement. The Revolution freezer offers multiple access levels and full audit trail options
  • Solenoid-based lid locking mechanism requires password or RFID badge access
  • Optional motor control of sample tray provides ability to restrict user access to specific portions of the sample storage space

The Bottom Line

Greater Peace of Mind

The major benefit for the Revolution or Revolution + user is the quality of the storage environment and the safety that the very extended hold time can provide. The risk of an overnight failure unnoticed by staff, a unit accidentally unplugged or turned off by a cleaning crew or an ignored alarm is almost eliminated, ensuring that samples always have the maximum protection in a uniform, stable environment.


Revolution Pverview 1_24-IC Biomedical Revolution Freezer




Large Racks 100 Cell Boxes – 24
Mini-Racks 25 Cell Boxes – 16



Large Racks 100 Cell Boxes – 26
Mini-Racks 25 Cell Boxes – 16



Large Racks 100 Cell Boxes – 56
Mini-Racks 25 Cell Boxes – 39



Large Racks 100 Cell Boxes – 60
Mini-Racks 25 Cell Boxes – 16

Revolution Rack Capacity 8_23

Looking for an Automated Cryogenic Sample Storage Option?

The Revolution-Q, featuring CELLTRIO Robostar technology, can provide fully automated biosample storage and retrieval. Easy to use, high security and designed for full regulatory compliance.

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