A 66-year legacy of cold chain storage and transport technology

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Taylor-Wharton develops the first insulated liquid cylinder products.

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International Cryogenics Inc (ICI) is founded in Indianapolis, Indiana as a manufacturer of customized cryogenic equipment.

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Worthington Industries acquires the Taylor-Wharton Cryoscience product line and rebrands it as “Life Sciences.”

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IC Biomedical is formed through the merger of International Cryogenics Inc and Worthington Life Sciences.

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IC Biomedical makes a liquid withdrawal device for dewars which allows easier dispensive of small quantities of Liquid Nitrogen.

Creating Greater Value For Our Customers & End-Users

On October 30, 2020, Milton Street Capital announced the simultaneous acquisition of the Life Sciences business of Worthington Industries (formerly Taylor-Wharton CryoScience products) and International Cryogenics, Inc. These legacy cryogenic biomedical equipment manufacturers then began operation as IC Biomedical.

Capitalizing on a 66-year legacy of cold chain storage and transport technology, IC Biomedical is bringing new life to the cryogenic equipment market. IC Biomedical is building the highest-quality cryogenic storage and transport systems for the global biomedical research and development, healthcare, biorepository, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IVF and animal husbandry semen markets.

In March 2021, IC Biomedical moved into a new medical-grade manufacturing facility located in Cartersville, Georgia. One year later, IC Biomedical’s Quality Management System (QMS) achieved ISO 13485:2016 certification, which shows our total commitment to delivering the very best cryogenic products.

Aluminum vessels include dewars, small freezers (extended time and high-capacity models), laboratory systems for vial storage and vapor shippers. Stainless steel high-capacity freezers include our traditional LABS and K-Series lines, plus our new, innovative next-generation Evolution and Revolution Series freezers.

By uniting with the best global distribution network, sourcing from trusted, high-quality suppliers and using the knowledge earned through decades of industry innovation, IC Biomedical is the future of cryogenic storage and transport.

Our Legacy

Our history traces back to Union Carbide Corp., who was instrumental in developing and commercializing cryogenic storage systems. In the mid/late 1950’s, in conjunction with American Breeders Service (now ABS Global), Union Carbide developed the first liquid nitrogen tanks designed for the storage and transport of frozen bull semen. These tanks helped kick-start the cattle breeding industry as we know it today, and Union Carbide  worked with the Animal Husbandry industry to provide storage solutions that helped improve herd quality and beef & dairy production both domestically and internationally. Throughout the 1960’s & 1970’s, Union Carbide continued to grow and develop its cryogenic equipment product line worldwide, expanding into healthcare, biomedical R & D and a host of other applications, with a product line that included large LN2 freezers, bulk storage tanks and portable liquefied gas cylinders. In 1985, Union Carbide Corp. sold its global cryogenic equipment division to Taylor- Wharton, a division of Harsco Corp. Taylor-Wharton had a long history of quality manufacturing dating back to 1742, and the business became an integral part of Harsco’s Taylor-Wharton Gas Equipment Division that included high-pressure cylinders for industrial, medical and scientific gases, cylinder valves, propane cylinders and lightweight composite cylinders for use in SCBA equipment and alternative fuel storage. In mid-1987, Taylor-Wharton consolidated its US cryogenic manufacturing in Theodore, AL.

Taylor-Wharton continued production of its CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton® product line until December 2015, when the product line and the  Theodore, AL manufacturing facility were purchased by Worthington Industries. In November 2020, Worthington Industries exited the cryogenic  equipment market and the CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton product line was purchased by IC Biomedical LLC.

We continue our proud tradition of building a complete line of cryogenic equipment that is recognized worldwide for quality, thermal performance and innovative design n a purpose built 100,000 square ft facility in Cartersville, GA.

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