A 65-year legacy of cold chain storage and transport technology

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Taylor-Wharton develops the first insulated liquid cylinder products.

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International Cryogenics Inc (ICI) is founded in Indianapolis, Indiana as a manufacturer of customized cryogenic equipment.

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Worthington Industries acquires the Taylor-Wharton Cryoscience product line and rebrands it as “Life Sciences.”

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IC Biomedical is formed through the merger of International Cryogenics Inc and Worthington Life Sciences.

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Creating Greater Value For Our Customers & End-Users

On October 30, 2020, Milton Street Capital announced the simultaneous acquisition of the Life Sciences business of Worthington Industries (formerly Taylor-Wharton CryoScience products) and International Cryogenics, Inc. These legacy cryogenic biomedical equipment manufacturers then began operation as IC Biomedical.

Capitalizing on a 65-year legacy of cold chain storage and transport technology, IC Biomedical is bringing new life to the cryogenic equipment market. IC Biomedical is building the highest-quality cryogenic storage and transport systems for the global biomedical research and development, healthcare, biorepository, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IVF and animal husbandry semen markets. All products are made in the United States at our new medical-grade manufacturing facility in Cartersville, Georgia. Aluminum vessels include dewars, small freezers (extended time and high-capacity models), laboratory systems for vial storage and vapor shippers. Stainless steel high-capacity freezers include our LABS and K-Series lines.

By uniting with the best global distribution network, sourcing from trusted, high-quality suppliers and using the knowledge earned through decades of industry innovation, IC Biomedical is the future of cryogenic storage and transport.

IC Biomedical is led by Steve Shaw, CEO and Jim Hoppel, CFO. Steve has more than 25 years of cryogenic biomedical market experience that includes serving as President of Chart Industries’ former BioMedical Group (MVE and Caire). Jim was formally the CAO and VP, Corporate Development at Chart Industries and CFO at Taylor-Wharton.