A 66-Year Legacy of  Innovative Cold Chain Storage & Transport Technology

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ICBiomedical’s cold chain products have a 65-year legacy of supplying high-quality storage and transport vessels to the global cryogenic marketplace, including the biomedical research and development, healthcare, biorepository, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IVF and animal husbandry markets.

It all began in 1957, when Taylor-Wharton developed the first insulated liquid cylinder products under the “Cryoscience” brand. In 1995, they then sold this product line to Worthington Industries, who rebranded it as “Life Sciences Cryogenic Equipment.” In 2020, International Cryogenics, Inc. was merged with the Life Sciences product line to form IC Biomedical.

With a cold chain storage, transportation and data management product line, backed by world-class quality and service standards, IC Biomedical’s products deliver security and peace of mind to individuals and organizations working in the biological specimen cold chain sphere.