Revolution-Q Enhances Your Operation's Efficiency, Security and Compliance with Automated Biosample Storage & Retrieval



The Revolution-Q, featuring CELLTRIO’s RoboStar  automation technology, is designed for easy biosample storage and retrieval while maintaining security and regulatory compliance. Options include:

  • Addition of rack removal and box delivery automation robot provides specific box delivery as requested via the UI or server pick lists. This facilitates the full audit and event trail for individual samples during storage lifetime
  • Addition of tube-picking automation allows for completely unattended operation, storage and removal of samples and the creation of retrieval tasks which, when complete, are replaced in the freezer awaiting collection by the user


See how Revolution Q, featuring CELLTRIO Robostar automation technology, makes your operation more efficient.

Revo CEll Trio
REVO_Radiance-Cooling Image
Radiance Cooling
Cryogenic Storage Automation


Revolution is the world’s first radiance-cooled liquid nitrogen-based storage system. Utilizing a patent-pending LN2 atomization system, temperatures can be set at any point between -20° and -190°C with a control band as narrow as +/- 2°C and a maximum temperature variation within the sample space of +/- 3°C.

  • Revolution can be used as a temperature setpoint unit with no liquid nitrogen reservoir, operating at any temperature between -20° and -150°C with setpoint accuracy determined by the user
  • Maintenance costs are very low with no consumable parts and running costs demonstrate considerable savings over electrically powered systems.


The control unit has been designed to provide a simple, intuitive interface with an extremely robust, redundant control platform featuring state-of-the-art connectivity and simple user interaction.

  • Dual, redundant level sensing guards against level control issues
  • Large, touchscreen user panel
  • Industrial PLC controller providing robust control platform
  • Level- or temperature-based control as standard
  • User management and audit-trail functions


Limiting and recording access to the sample space is a key requirement. The Revolution freezer offers multiple access levels and full audit trail options: •

  • Solenoid-based lid locking mechanism requires password or RFID badge access
  • Optional motor control of sample tray provides ability to restrict user access to specific portions of the sample storage space


  • User management allows for creation of unlimited user profiles with individual permissions
  • Full audit trail records all actions undertaken by a signed-in individual, including time and date stamps

Greater Peace of Mind

The major benefit to the user is the quality of the storage environment and the safety that the very extended hold time can provide. The risk of an overnight failure unnoticed by staff, a unit accidentally unplugged or turned off by a cleaning crew or an ignored alarm is almost eliminated, ensuring that samples always have the maximum protection in a uniform, stable environment.

External Data Management

  • Each control unit can operate as a web server allowing for external access to all operational functions remotely, as required by the administrator
  • External messaging via SMS, text or email is available. Wired Modbus interface is available
  • Automated alarm notification via SMS or email