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IC Biomedical Radiance Cooling Freezer Technology (RCFT)

For the past 18 months, IC Biomedical worked on building the world’s first radiance-cooled liquid nitrogen-based storage system. The new Revolution Series cryogenic freezers have a capacity equivalent to three large compressor-based systems, superior sample storage density and delivers significant floor space savings at any repository facility. Similarly, the 96-hour temperature hold without power reduces the requirement for backup power generation and massively reduces the load and cost of facility AC systems.

Revolution’s cooling technology is based on a patent-pending liquid nitrogen atomization system. Temperatures can be set at any point between -20° and -190°C with a control band as narrow as +/- 2°C and a maximum temperature variation within the sample space of +/- 3°C. Maintenance costs are very low with no consumable parts and running costs demonstrate considerable savings over electrically powered systems.

Greater Peace of Mind

The major benefit for Revolution users is the quality of the storage environment and the safety that a very extended hold time can provide. The risk of an overnight failure unnoticed by staff, a unit accidentally unplugged or turned off by a cleaning crew or an ignored alarm is almost eliminated, ensuring that an operation’s irreplaceable samples always have maximum protection in a uniform, stable environment.


The Revolution Series from IC Biomedical

IC Biomedical’s Radiance Freezer Technology (RFT) is now available in the new Revolution Series of high-capacity freezers, which include a feature package designed for the 21st century repository. Managed by its new PLC control system with a full connectivity suite, Revolution freezers offer:

  1. Individual password access with full audit trail capability
  2. Auto lid locking with password or RFID card access
  3. Patented drilled-aluminum manifold plumbing
  4. Five onboard RTD temperature sensors for full temperature mapping plus the capability to accept independent monitoring sensors.
  5. Internal LED lighting
  6. Built-in fog extraction systems to support full visibility to the sample area
  7. Motorized tray system, which can drive the tray to the desired position from the control panel before the lid of the unit is opened. This reduces the time requirement for the operator to place their hands into the system to locate material. It can also segment access to the freezer since individual users can be granted permission to access only certain sections of the shared freezer’s storage area. This helps prevent valuable materials being accessed by unauthorized users.
  8. Connection to external monitoring systems such as alarms, temperature monitoring systems, and building management applications that are supported via an available gateway. External notifications of events, including alarms or alerts via SMS or text message, is also available.

For more information on the new Revolution Series, click here.