Liquid Withdrawal Device (LWD)

 For Liquid Nitrogen LD25, LD35 and LD50 Dewars 

 The Liquid Withdrawal Device (LWD) provides convenient pressure transfers of liquid nitrogen from LD25, LD35 and LD50 Dewars. The device clamps directly to the special neck flange that is found under the plastic trim collar around the neck of these containers. 

Flow rates up to 8 liters per minutes are possible at operating pressures up to 7.25 psig (0.5 bar/50 kPa). Liquid can be dispensed directly from the LWD via the spout provided, or through a standard cryogenic hose connected to the liquid outlet.

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Safety, Installation and Operation Overview Video

LWD Short Overview Video


Ordering Information

Order all replacement parts and accessories from your distributor.
Please include the part and model number of your dewar, quantity, and description of each part requested. 

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The LWD is designed to be used only on these IC Biomedical dewars: 25LD, 35LD & 50LD


Before using this equipment, read the product instructions carefully. Also, read and understand the instructions supplied with your Dewar and the Handle with Care booklet packed with all Liquid Nitrogen Dewars. The Handle with Care booklet gives detailed information on the safe handling of liquid nitrogen.