The Cryo-Sentry is an optional accessory for select IC Biomedical portable liquid nitrogen freezers. Cryo-Sentry provides visual and audible alarms when the liquid nitrogen level drops below a preset level – usually 25 percent of the container’s capacity. This monitoring system provides a high level of security by alerting the user to low nitrogen levels and acting as a reminder scheduled refills.

Cryo-Sentry Freezer Models

  • XT Series – XT20, XT21 & XT34
  • HC Series – 20HC, 34HC, 35HC, 35VHC & 38VHC
  • TW34
  • LS Series – LS750, LS3000, LS4800 & LS6000


The Cryo-Sentry consists of three components:

  • Alarm Module
  • Power Supply
  • Sensorcore

Before using this accessory, read the Handle with Care booklet provided with the unit. It details safety precautions that must be read and understood before using the equipment. Following are a few precautions described in Handle with Care. Please read the entire booklet. Do not touch liquid or cold metal surfaces with your bare skin. The liquid nitrogen used in cryogenic refrigerators is extremely cold: -320°F (-196°C). Exposure of skin or eyes to liquid, cold gas, or frosted parts could result in a severe, frostbite-like skin injury. Use only the sensorcore provided with this accessory or the one originally shipped with the refrigerator. A tight-fitting plug or stopper will cause a pressure increase in the container that may damage the container and/or cause personal injury.


The Cryo-Sentry low level alarm automatically checks the liquid level every 30 minutes. This conserves battery power thereby extending the security. The 25 percent level notification provides sufficient time for the user to refill the refrigerator. The user can check the level without opening the vessel by pressing the “LEVEL CHECK” button. Results will be displayed in 30 seconds.