Semen tanks look rugged, but to make them provide longer service life you need to take special care of them. Here are the top five things IC Biomedical recommends to keep your tanks and shippers in top shape to keep your investment viable.


Monitor your LN2 level and never let it get below 25%.
Letting a tank run dry is how most samples are lost and is the most preventable reason. Set up a regular schedule to check your level. You can also add a level monitor to most tanks which will alert you when the level is low.

Secure your tank when transporting.
Don’t let your tank roll around or end up on its side. Movement of your tank when filled causes the inner vessel to swing & sway. While normal sway is accommodated in IC Biomedical’s semen tank design, long-term excessive movement of the tank will cause the neck tube to crack or break. Tanks are not designed to be laid on their side. This adds additional stress to the neck tube and will cause premature failure. Keep your tank uptight at all times.

Don’t store your tank on a concrete floor.
Aluminum reacts with the alkalis (OH) found in Portland cement concrete. When these two chemicals are combined, the reaction produces hydrogen gas. Ultimately this will deteriorate the bottom of your tank and thus ruin its ability to hold a vacuum. Store your tank on an optional roller base, in a cardboard box or on a pallet.

Keep your Vapor Shipper filled so it’s ready to use when needed.
Keeping heat out of your Vapor Shipper by keeping it filled with LN2 is a best practice. When you’re ready to load the shipper, just pour off the excess and it’s ready to ship. No waiting time required.

Always keep your semen tanks cold!
Semen tanks will last longer if they are kept cold with liquid nitrogen, even when you are not storing samples. Allowing them to warm up and filling them only when needed will shorten the life of your tank.

Do you have questions about semen tanks?
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