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New Upright Shipping Case Design for Vapor Shippers

An IC Biomedical CX100 Vapor Shipper will maintain cryogenic temperatures for up to 20 days if kept in an upright position. Unfortunately, if the shipper is oriented sideways during transit and handling it can cut this time by up to 50%. With shipping times getting longer and package handling getting rougher, IC Biomedical has designed a new Case that provides a safer, more secure enclosure for nitrogen vapor shippers.

The new IC BIomedical Shipping Case is made of high-impact-resistant material to protect its contents from physical damage. The Case’s domed top prevents stacking and its circular wide base encourages upright orientation during handling and transit.

Designed for IC Biomedical shippers 4D, 4DX, CX100 and CXR100, the Shipping Case is also compatible with most other similar-sized shippers available on the market. A built-in slot allows the case to be locked down for added sample security.

Height: 24-inches
Base Diameter: 15-inches
Weight: 14