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Elevate your biorepository operation to a new level of secure inventory management and regulatory compliance

By reviewing every aspect of the storage process and the systemic interaction of the freezer with production or process environments, we have created the Revolution high-capacity storage system as a fit-for-purpose solution for both current and anticipated  compliance frameworks.

REVOLUTION Freezer Features

  • Space-efficient with enhanced user ergonomics, racks are easier to place, find and remove
  • Improved level and temperature management with completely redesigned liquid delivery
  • Fail-safe level measurement
  • Interior LED lighting and automatic defogging fan maximize sample visibility when working with the freezer
  • Temperature management system compensates for temperature rises during operational use
  • Optional motor drive for carousel facilitates individual access controls – quadrants can be limited to access with permissions linked to user
  • Auto locking lid with password/biometric/ card access


Control systems are a fundamental building block of freezer functionality and the facilitation of compliance. The control unit has been designed to provide a simple, intuitive interface with an extremely robust, redundant control platform featuring state-of-the-art connectivity and simple user interaction.

  • Dual, redundant level sensing guards against level control issues
  • Large, touchscreen user panel • Industrial PLC controller providing robust control platform
  • Level- or temperature-based control as standard
  • Web server and API supports BMS and Network connection
  • User management and audit-trail functions

Solenoid-based lid locking mechanism


New leak-free plumbing manifold design

Manifold Plumbing 300x300

Automatic defogging
exhaust fan

Exhaust Fan 300x300

Large, intuitive

Touchscreen 300x300
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Access Control

Limiting, and more importantly, recording access to the sample space is a key requirement. The Revolution freezer offers multiple access levels and full audit trail options:

  • Solenoid-based lid locking mechanism requires password or biometric access
  • Optional motor control of sample tray provides ability to restrict user access to specific portions of the sample storage space
  • Addition of automation options can restrict access to single racks, individual boxes or sample tubes

Sample Access and User Management

  • User management allows for creation of unlimited user profiles with individual permissions
  • Full audit trail records all actions undertaken by a signed-in individual, including time and date stamps
  • Available inventory management software allows for onboard freezer inventory lists and sample location
  • Inventory management can be networked to server application for creation of multi-freezer pick lists and sample searches

Temperature Management

  • Radiant temperature management utilizes internal directed nozzles to manage internal sample chamber temperature below set point during both static storage and sample storage and retrieval actions
  • Revolution can be used as a temperature setpoint unit with no liquid nitrogen reservoir, operating at any temperature between -20° and -150°C with setpoint accuracy determined by the user

External Data Management

  • Each control unit can operate as a web server allowing for external access to all operational functions remotely, as required by the administrator
  • Onboard IoT functionality connects to available cloud or intranet server for full data collection and storage with external access and monitoring
  • External messaging via SMS, text or email is available
  • API allows for integration with external proprietary BMS systems without hardwire requirement
  • Automated alarm notification via SMS or email
  • Wired Modbus interface is available
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The Revolution-Q freezer option is designed for in-field automation additions. From a standard, manual freezer, the following options are available:

  • Addition of motor control which can advance the tray to set points allowing for specific access control as allocated to users or to provide positive location for storage and removal of samples (available also for standard Revolution freezers)
  • Addition of rack removal and box delivery automation robot provides specific box delivery as requested via the UI or server pick lists. This facilitates the full audit and event trail for individual samples during storage lifetime
  • Addition of tube-picking automation allows for completely unattended operation, storage and removal of samples and the creation of retrieval tasks which, when complete, are replaced in the freezer awaiting collection by the user


Revolution Product Chart 8_23




Large Racks 100 Cell Boxes – 24
Mini-Racks 25 Cell Boxes – 16



Large Racks 100 Cell Boxes – 26
Mini-Racks 25 Cell Boxes – 16



Large Racks 100 Cell Boxes – 56
Mini-Racks 25 Cell Boxes – 39



Large Racks 100 Cell Boxes – 60
Mini-Racks 25 Cell Boxes – 16

Revolution Rack Capacity 8_23