Cryogenic Storage & Transport Technology for IVF Operations

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The Revolution 306 high-capacity freezer provides innovative new features created with embryologists in mind.

The 306’s high-capacity, high-security cane storage can replace multiple small floor standing freezers. Features include controlled access with locking lid, user authentication and audit trails, full web connectivity for remote monitoring plus email, SMS access and alarm notifications.

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Radiance Temperature Management System

This exclusive patent-pending IC Biomedical feature enables the freezer to operate at any specific temperature between -20° and -190°C. In Radiance Mode, the freezer’s temperature is controlled with IC Biomedical’s exclusive atomization technology that evenly distributes microscopic nitrogen droplets to maintain the set temperature.

Radiance can also be used to assist cooling when the freezer is accessed or warm material is inserted. This feature may be used in both Radiance Mode or Level Control Mode.


Increased Sample Security

  • Back-up level measurement systems – Discrete RTD level control plus differential pressure level control
  • Radiance Temperture Management System (patent-pending)
  • Coordinated and/or timed filling
  • Configurable text and email notifications/ web access

Sample Visibility

  • Built-in extraction fan to clear fog and bright LED internal light for fast sample visibility when lid opens

Controlled Access

  • Hinged, auto-electronic locking lid with password access control. – auto-locks after pre-set time
  • Optional motor-driven sample carousel for semi-automated sample management

Ergonomic Design

  • Centered lid opening for comfortable access and space efficiency
  • Stabilized carousel with top and bottom bearings
  • Convenient shelf space allows you to store canes, cryosleeves, cryobath, gloves, etc. on the tank for easy access
  • Intuitive digital touchscreen controls

Semi-Automated Option

  • Optional motor-driven sample carousel for semi-automated sample management.


Vapor Shipper D with Cases
  • 4.1 or 10 Liter absorbed LN2 capacity
  • Advanced Concept Hydrophobic Absorbent enables faster charging
  • Complies with IATA regulations for open cryogenic receptacles
  • Rugged construction and super insulation for maximum holding times
  • Shipping Case is made of high-impact-resistant material to protect its contents from physical damage. The Case’s domed top prevents stacking and its circular wide base encourages upright orientation during handling and transit.


TW Strandard Family 9_23
  • Universal canister compatibility
  • Rugged ribbed high-strength aluminum body, magneformed necktube design and durable paint
  • Superior vacuum performance with insulation technology that delivers maximum holding times
  • Lockable lid with enlarged opening for seals or securing ties

IC Biomedical is the only cryogenic equipment storage manufacturer to comply with the European Union’s current Medical Device Regulation (MDR)