April 30 ,2021

Dear Customer:

Since we initially contacted you regarding the acquisition of the Taylor-Wharton CryoScience business from Worthington Industries (“Worthington”), much progress has been made.

In April, we began the move of the manufacturing operation to our new facility in Cartersville, GA. As of today, the LABS and K-Series production line is fully operational in Georgia and we have begun preparations for the move of the remaining Aluminum production line, which will occur during May.

As the production facility transitions, we will begin to exit from the Transition Services Agreement with Worthington and this will necessitate some administrative changes, which will affect how you do business with us. Below please find the information and key dates regarding our transition from Worthington that we would like to make you aware of.

Please read carefully:

  • Beginning May 3, 2021 IC BioMedical will begin transitioning all open orders from Worthington’s systems to its new ERP system. As a result, an IC Biomedical Customer Service representative will be contacting you to have you cancel any existing Purchase Orders (“PO”) issued to Worthington that will not ship in May 2021 and request that you reissue a new PO to IC BioMedical.
  • Beginning May 10, 2021, please issue all new PO to IC BioMedical.
  • When issuing a PO to IC BioMedical, please reference the new part numbers from the price list that was distributed in February 2021. An order acknowledgement will be sent you with scheduled shipment dates commencing in June 2021 and will reference the new part numbers. Please update your system with the new part numbers, accordingly. If you need the price list, please request by emailing USA@icbiomedical.com or contacting your commercial representative on the IC BioMedical Information Sheet included with this letter and referenced below.
  • An IC BioMedical Information Sheet has been included with this letter that provides you with the necessary details for you to set-up IC Biomedical as a vendor in your system. This sheet includes contact information for commercial, customer service, and finance representatives that can assist you with any questions or concerns. Also, the Information Sheet can be requested by emailing  cs.USA@icbiomedical.com or by visiting our website at https://icbiomedical.com/customer-informationsheet.
  • We have transferred customer records from the Worthington systems to our new ERP system; however, some of these records are outdated and we would like to take this opportunity to update your information. We have placed a fillable form online which is securely sent to our finance team upon completion. Please go to https://icbiomedical.com/customer-update/ and complete the form to minimize any disruption during the changeover.
  • Additionally, we have posted a credit application online, again if it has been some time since your account was created it may be useful to complete this form. This can be found at https://icbiomedical.com/credit-application/
  • Our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale and Limited Warranty can be found on our website at https://icbiomedical.com/ic-biomedical-llc-standard-terms-conditions-of-sale-limited-warranty/.
  • We will accept payments by check, ACH, or wire. To receive IC BioMedical banking and lockbox instructions, please email AR@icbiomedical.com. Please confirm banking instructions with Talisha Hardy at AR@icbiomedical.com / 855-750-8191 or THardy@icbiomedical.com before initiating a wire or an ACH.

We appreciate your patience and assisting us during this transition period and look forward to working with you.

Very Best Regards,

Ian Pope
Chief Commercial Officer