Thank you for your interest and loyalty to the International Cryogenics product line. Following the acquisition of International Cryogenics and the Taylor Wharton companies by IC Biomedical, we are updating the IC product line. This will allow us to combine the best qualities of these legacy products within our new, state of the art, production facility.

Our aim at IC Biomedical is always to provide the highest quality and reliability in the products we sell and support. During this period of integration, we will not be offering the IC range in its current form until the transfer is complete and a full validation of the new production environment for these products has been completed.

In the interim, pressing continue below will take you to the equivalent TW product for your enquiry. The TW product range has been fully validated within our new facility and are all available for purchase.

If you would like to be informed when the new IC line is launched, click the “contact us” button and let us know your contact details. We will be in touch as soon as the products are ready.