Ian Pope Teaching in BioCor’s “Preservation of Cellular Therapies” Short Course at the University of Minnesota

On May 23 – 24, 2023, The University of Minnesota is presenting a top-notch short course titled “Preservation of Cellular Therapies.” IC Biomedical’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ian Pope, a thought leader and acknowledged expert in cryogenic and ultra-cold storage and transport, is part of the distinguished teaching group for this 2-day course.

Currently 1.2 million patients are receiving treatment from regenerative medicine products produced by 171 companies with a capital value of ~$4.7 billion. Most molecules, cells and tissues are collected at a given time and location for use at a later time. Therefore, our ability to stabilize biological properties (e.g. viability, biomarkers) during transportation and long-term storage is a critical technology.

The preservation of cellular therapies is the central focus of this professional short course. Learn about the fundamentals of preservation, protocol development, design of a storage facility, regulatory issues associated with preservation of cell therapies, clinical issues and more.

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